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The goal of R.A. BenZ Coffee is to have something for everyone.  We all have our favorite tastes and smells when it comes to food.  Coffee is no different.  What one person may find as just right may come off as too strong or too weak to someone else.  To help make the selection a little easier we have broken down the coffee into several profiles.  This page is dedicated to medium coffees.

Medium coffees are the bulk of what most people are used to drinking every day.  The difference here is that R.A. BenZ Coffee is offering single origin coffees.  That means that every bean offered on this page is not a blend from several areas.  Each bean is coming from one source.  This allows the beans to do the talking.  Every coffee region has a flavor profile and by offering single origins the flavor stays true.

What can you expect from a medium coffee?

Wonderful flavors.  Caramel, sugar, nuts, citrus, wine, and chocolate are just a few.  Body starts to stand out in medium coffees.  Body can be equated to mouthfeel. Medium coffees offer a moderate to heavy mouthfeel.  Medium coffees hold up well if you add milk or cream.

brazilsertao2oz.png Brazil Fazenda Sertao.....(1 lb.)

This is a no nonsense Brazil that provides the profile that is cherished by R.A. Benz Coffee.  It has notes of nuts and citrus followed with a medium body.

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OUT OF STOCK $7.50 Qty
Brazil Fazenda Sertao.....(2 oz.) $3.00  * Qty
colombiahuila2oz.png Colombia Huila Small Farm .....(1lb.)


Something new on a larger scale...
In the past small farms usually meant small lots.  In other words, phenomenal coffee, just not much of it.  Fast forward to today and we have small farms that live and die on quality and get to market by selling with like-minded small farms.  The result is that each farm gives 1 to 15 bags towards the crop for sale.  You want to taste the love of an artisan?  Drink up.

In the Cup:
Tart acids and creamy mouthfeel with caramel, fruit and floral flavors

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Colombia Huila Small Farm .....(1lb.) $15.00 Qty
Colombia Huila Small Farm.....(1/2 lb.) $8.00 Qty
Colombia Huila Small Farm.....(2 oz.) $3.00  * Qty
guatfto2oz.png Guatemala Huehuetenango FTO.....(1lb.)

A very similar profile to Costa Rican coffee but more! This is an Organic, Fair Trade bean that stands out as a great medium bodied morning favorite that envelopes the mouth in caramel and chocolate.

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Guatemala Huehuetenango FTO.....(1lb.) $14.00 Qty
Guatemala Huehuetenango FTO.....(1/2lb.) $7.50 Qty
Guatemala Huehuetenango FTO.....(2oz.) $3.00  * Qty
kenyakabare2oz.png Kenya Kabare.....(1lb.)

This is a great Kenyan that provides a flavor profile that shows what high quality beans can provide.  This bean is done to a medium roast to bring out the delicate aspects of citrus flavors such as orange and lime.  These are followed by chocolate and fruit.  The end result is a rich cup of coffee that has a wonderful aroma.

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Kenya Kabare.....(1lb.) $16.00 Qty
Kenya Kabare.....(1/2lb.) $8.00 Qty
Kenya Kabare.....(2oz.) $3.00  * Qty
png2oz.png Organic Fair Trade Papua New Guinea.....(1lb.)

Well rounded rich chocolate mouth feel with a hint of wild island flavor. A hidden gem bound to be an instant favorite.

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Organic Fair Trade Papua New Guinea.....(1lb.) $14.00 Qty
Organic Fair Trade Papua New Guinea.....(1/2 lb.) $7.50 Qty
Organic Fair Trade Papua New Guinea.....(2 oz.) $3.00  * Qty
panamabaru2oz.png Panama Baru Indian High SHB E.P......(1lb.)

Last year there was a strike that made it close to impossible to get any coffee from Panama.  This year we suffer because no one was properly tending the fields last year to create the coffee that would be specialty grade.  Several farms did meet the task and released their current crops that so many have grown to love.  The amount on the market was a fraction of normal so R.A. Benz grabbed as much as possible to hopefully last until the next crop in the Spring.
The result of our hard work gives you a great medium bodied coffee that has hints of chocolate.  If you like Kona coffee then try Panama for a change of pace.

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Panama Baru Indian High SHB E.P......(1lb.) $14.00 Qty
Panama Baru Indian High SHB E.P......(1/2 lb.) $7.50 Qty
Panama Baru Indian High SHB E.P......(2 oz.) $3.00  * Qty
sulawesi2oz.png Sulawesi .....(1lb.)

A house favorite. This coffee can be roasted two ways. Light Roast and Dark Roast.

Light Roast

A wonderful cup full of flavor.  Heavy body and smooth.  This roast pulls out everything the bean has to offer.

Dark Roast

The second option for this bean is a dark roast.  The body remains but the flavor is darker.  This is a clean cup of dark coffee that should be selected by those that want a "bold" flavor.

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Yemen2oz.png Yemen Hazaar.....(1 lb.)


One of the first coffees in the world.  The port in Yemen was once a strong coffee trading location.  Today the history remains in the hills where the coffee growing is more in the wild then it is in well cultivated fields. 

The result is a bean full of history that is wild and untamed.  This is a medium bodied well balanced cup.  It has sweetness and herbal notes.

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Yemen Hazaar.....(1 lb.) $15.00 Qty
Yemen Hazaar.....(1/2 lb.) $8.00 Qty
Yemen Hazaar.....(2 oz.) $3.75 Qty
brazilsuldeminas.png Brazil Sul De Minas.....(1lb.)

This is a pulped natural bean from the Tijuco Preto farm.  Being a pulped natural means more body, more flavor, and richer finish.  Some may argue that a washed bean has a cleaner finish, but why wash off half of what makes a bean stand out?  

This is a Bourbon bean that has a sweet nutty profile witha hint of chocolate and citrus.

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tanzaniakiboko2oz.png Tanzania Kiboko Peaberry.....(1lb.)

Tanzania beans grow on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This peaberry stands out for its great flavor profile. Rich and creamy with green grape, currant and nut. If you inhale during the grind the aroma of dark berries fills your nose.

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Tanzania Kiboko Peaberry.....(1lb.) $14.00 Qty
Tanzania Kiboko Peaberry.....(1/2lb.) $7.50 Qty
Tanzania Kiboko Peaberry.....(2oz.) $3.00  * Qty